Planet X and ET Contact – LIVE Feature – Ann Eller

Ann Eller, who worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Father of UFO-Alien research, has a unique perspective on the UFO enigma. Ann’s fascinating story also revisits her days in the White House during the Clinton administration, as a medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, and her exceptional encounters with other-worldly beings. Because of her time spent with Dr. Hynek, Ann offers a completely different insight into the inner workings of UFO studies and research, as well as her recollections of UFO information with which she became acquainted while serving as Hynek’s personal secretary. UFOTV – Youtube! FEATURE LENGTH EXCLUSIVE featuring Ann Eller. 106 minutes. For more information visit us online at

Ghost – Demon possessed man bleeds from face

It didn’t take that long for things to get bad again. I was home with Mom, Nolan, and Uncle Tommy and then suddenly I felt strange, like something bad was about to happen and it did. Suddenly Uncle Tommy got sick and had to run to the sink and spit up a bunch of stuff. The compost? Anyway, after that the ghost turned out the lights again and started moving furniture around. It didn’t take long for things just to get worse and worse. Then the ghost suddenly pulls Nolan across the floor and toward her, it was so freaky. And you’re not going to believe what happened next. Was Uncle Tommy bleeding? Was he possessed? Was that really even him? I don’t know. My camera is dead. I will try to do an update when I can. No pasó tanto tiempo para que las cosas mal otra vez. Yo estaba en casa con mamá, Nolan, y Tommy tío y de repente me sentí extraño, como si algo malo iba a suceder y lo hizo. De repente, el tío Tommy se enfermó y tuvo que correr al lavabo y escupió un montón de cosas. El compost? De todos modos, después de que el fantasma apagó las luces de nuevo y empezó a mover los muebles de lugar. No pasó mucho tiempo para las cosas de mal en peor. Entonces el fantasma de repente saca Nolan por el suelo y hacia ella, era tan extraño. Y no vas a creer lo que pasó después. Era tío de Tommy sangrado? Estaba poseído? ¿Era realmente él, incluso? No se. Mi cámara ha muerto. Voy a tratar de hacer una actualización en cuanto pueda. Il n’a pas fallu longtemps pour que les choses vont mal à
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – A Mortuary with a Disturbing Past A Mortuary with a disturbing past. Continued from the previous video, we head down stairs to the embalming room and learn just what makes this place SOOOO creepy. Dead bodies! Dead bodies everywhere! Well, not now but back in the day. The guy who ran the place could get rid of the bodies properly and just stacked them up in the corner and let them rot. Ewwwww! So sick. What kind of person does that?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – Visiting a Surprise haunted location? At the end of our trip my mom decides to take me to this place. Now I can’t tell you all about it but it has a sad history, a very sad history. In this video we see part of the location and get to learn what it was exactly but we don’t learning everything. You will have to watch the next video for that. is it haunted? Are there ghosts? Did something bad happen here? To be continued….

Apollo 18 | Found Footage Space Movie Review

There was a secret mission to the moon – did the found footage uncover exciting horrors or a disappointing movie? Apollo 18 is a found footage horror film in the vein of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. But this time, it is uncovered astronaut videos from a secret mission to the Moon after NASA claimed the missions had been discontinued. Do Alex, Dan, and Jeff buy the conspiracy, or is it all a bunch of space madness? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the return of VS.!